What Is A DUKW?

  A DUKW is an amphibious vehicle that was designed and built for use in World War II. They were originally built on the 2 1/2 ton CCKW Army truck sometimes called a "duce and an half". Now they are used mostly for commercial tours and adventure type rides on land and water. There are also some private collectors who keep and use them for their own use.

If a dukw is used for commercial "duck tours" depending on which waterways it is used on, the dukw may have to meet the commercial U.S. Coast Guard requirements for tour boats. We can provide those services.

There was also a smaller version of the dukw which was actually an amphibious Jeep called a GPA or Seep. Seep was a term used meaning sea going Jeep.

Another amphibious craft was the LARC which was made after WWII. The LARC is much larger that a dukw and needs a wide load permit just to drive down certain public roads.

There are companies that have attempted to create other newer amphibious crafts. The success of these vehicles are still being measured. They do not have the same appeal and public following that the original WWII amphibious landing craft have. WWII and Korean War Veterans enjoy riding in the original DUKWs that they relied on when they served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

  We at Chicago DUKW's buy, sell and restore these vehicles for the private collector as well as for the commercial duck tour operator. We perform all types of restorations, including bringing the vehicle up to U.S. Coast Guard specifications for commercial duck tours.

We have DUKWS in stock for sale NOW.

Most of our DUKWS are located about 5 miles North of Chicago's O'hare International Airport. You are invited to make an appointment and view them before you buy.

We have original un-restored DUKWs, commercial "Duck Tour" DUKWS, Original collector DUKWS and more.

We deal only in Original WWII GMC ARMY DUKWS and Seeps in various configurations.

We do not carry or support any of the "Copies" that some people are building and selling as "DUCKS" and look nothing like a DUKW.

Army DUKWS have been around since WWII have a proven track record and a loyal following of War Veterans and collectors alike.  The U.S. Government and General Motors Corporation have put a lot of thought and engineering into this unique amphibious vehicle.

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We buy DUKWS in any condition. If you locate a DUKW for sale and we buy it, we will pay you a finders fee.

Many DUKW parts are also interchangeable with the GMC CCKW 2 1/2 ton truck.
This is an original WWII DUKW making an amphibious landing.
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We can supply parts to keep your DUKW's running well.
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We do complete DUKW restorations making it ready for amphibious operation.

We can make it for commercial Duck tours or as it was originally used in WWII.
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