W.W.II DUKW Restoration

1945 Amphibious 2 1/2 ton truck


This is the DUKW coming out of the water.

A DUKW (duck) is a 2 1/2 ton amphibious truck that was used in W.W.II.
With out the DUKW ships would have to unload their cargo into smaller 
boats.  These boats would need to have their cargo unloaded at the 
shoreline and then loaded into trucks which would bring the cargo to its
destination point on land.  With the DUKW, ships could now load its cargo 
at sea and the DUKW could just drive to the destination point on land.
This was a much more efficient way of moving supplies, after all
helicopters did not exist at that time.

   The DUKW was a useful vehicle in its time, but it is also a fun toy
to play with on land and water even now. 
If you have an interest in Military Vehicles check out the link for the Chicago Military Vehicle Club.
If you would like to tour Chicago in a DUKW. Check out the link for Chicago Duck Tours below.

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Some DUKW pictures

     [IMAGE] Me at the gas station
     [IMAGE] DUKW interior before and after restoration
     [IMAGE] DUKW exterior before restoration
     [IMAGE] DUKW in a lake
     [IMAGE] Looking out the front of a DUKW on Lake Michigan
     [IMAGE] Fresh out of the water
     ["IMAGE]" Splash down
     [IMAGE] DUKW technical specifications 
     [IMAGE] DUKW With a Chevy 350 V8 

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