DUKW after coming out of the water


This is after an amphibious landing at Bangs Lake in Wauconda IL The DUKW has some seaweed wrapped around it. Notice the devices mounted on each wheel. These are part of the tire inflation system which allows you to inflate and deflate the tires from the dashboard while you are driving. The purpose of this is so you can lower your tire pressure when driving on soft mud. A flatter tire is much wider than one that is full. This gives you the affect of having wider tires and provides more traction. The long tube on the hood is an original hand bilge pump. The DUKW has two mechanical bilge pumps that run off of the motor. Capable of pumping 360 gallons per minute, the manual says they can keep the DUKW afloat even when holed by machine gun fire. If the motor stops so do the pumps. That's when you crawl out on the hood and get the emergency hand pump.

Me at the gas station
DUKW interior before and after restoration
DUKW exterior before restoration
DUKW in a lake
Looking out the front of a DUKW on Lake Michigan
Splash down
DUKW technical specifications
DUKW with a Chevy V8

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